Train Live Status

Train Live Status:

Train running status - Now track current live train status in real time by entering 5 digit rail number and also spot your train on go.

We all depend on the station voice over, if the train is delayed in case if it is. As the technology is developing fast, now we can track our current live train status, running status within seconds on our official website - We do also launch the new portal like PNR Status Live and Train Between Stations.

Earlier in those days, people used to stand in long queue to book tickets. Our Portal was also a significant concern to many people as most of them thought that train would have already departed. There were massive confusions between people of the train delayed or if canceled.

On 2012, Indian railways launched its first official website to track the current live running train status. Thereafter just like us other portal websites have also launched a portal where you can track your current live status.

Running Train - How Does It Work

How does our portal work? It's quite simple. Just do enter your current train number which you were planned for a trip. Once you do enter the number, just do click on submit. Up on clicking on submit you need to enter the train number. Live train status will be display on the screen.


Train Running Status
Sr.No Tain Number Train Name Position Date
1.   Number Name  Current Position Started Date

Upon submitting the number your current train data will be displayed as follows:

  • Train Number - For the reconfirmation, the number will be displayed here.
  • Train Name - Your Train name, followed by the source to destination shortcodes.

Position - Current position. Here you will get to know the current position of your train, like from what stage the train has left and to what stage it is arriving.

Delay - In case if it is delayed, you will get to know by how many minutes/hours the train is delayed.

Current Date - Current date will be displayed on the screen.

You can bookmark our website on your mobile phone so that you can track the live train status details whenever you want to do so.

Internet was costly at that time, most of the people couldn't afford such things and the technology progression was also slow. As the days are passing by, we can see a massive improvement in today's technology.

Android is available at fingertips and most of the people now can afford the internet as the prices are slashed down.

IRCTC came up with many facilities to passengers such as online booking, checking the PNR status online, knowing the live running train status, booking a tatkal ticket, having the knowledge about the train schedule etc. This has benefitted to most of the people traveling by train.

Other Services By Train Status Portal

PNR Status:

Just like to know the live train status, to find whether your seat is confirmed or not. IRCTC will allocate a temporary PNR number - Passenger Name Record. You will get to know whether your seat is allocated or not. We haven't launched this portal but will do launch soon on running train portal.

Train Route:

If you have no idea whether a particular train number where it goes, source to destination. Then check Route Section on our website, so that you will get an idea of the route.

Seat Availability:

If you want to check the seat availability, then you are at right place. No need to login to IRCTC website, just to enter the source and destination and you will get to know whether the seats are available or not. You can even check SL,2A,3A,1A as well.

You can even check SL,2A,3A,1A as well.

Train Between Stations:

If you want to drop somewhere from source to destination, then you can use this option. Just do enter source and destination name right in the search box and click on submit. Once you were done, you will get to know the list of railways stations in between. How awesome was it right?